The Wages of Leap Day Is Defect

A quick review of leap day issues from this week:

  • Leap day scuttles Eftpos

    February’s extra day has been causing problems with computer systems here and in Australia.

    Foodstuffs said an eftpos outage at lower North Island New World, Pak n’ Save and Four Square stores this morning occurred after its systems were unable to cope with today’s leap day date.

    The outage, which has now been resolved, affected many stores across the lower North Island from early this morning.

    (Source: A tweet from someone on the other side of the Pacific Rim whom I follow.) 

  • Windows Azure Leap-Year Glitch Takes Down G-Cloud:

    Microsoft has confirmed that a service outage that affected its cloud computing service Microsoft Azure, appears to be caused by a leap year bug.

    The Government’s G-Cloud CloudStore was among the sites affected by the outage, which Microsoft says has mostly been rectified.

    (Source: Reader Isarian.)

Is that it?

That’s all we know about.

Sleep tight, and remember that December 31 is Day 366, as Microsoft knows. Or should know. But given this is the second Microsoft product leap year crash in as many leap years, who knows what Microsoft knows.

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