Two Ways of Looking at a Thing (I)

Take a look at this:

An Electrical Switch, View 1

This is a 24 volt double-pole contactor for an air conditioning unit. Part number CONT1P030024V.

What does that mean?

A former client of a former client manufactured this sort of thing, so it wasn’t uncommon to see part numbers rolling up the screens during testing and documentation. Each of those lines of data referred to actual objects. Not programming language objects, but physical devices that the software’s users and customers depended on. Those customers probably bought them and installed them in residential and industrial settings to keep people cool during the summer months.

When you’re stuck in a cubicle, office, or testing lab ten hours a day (or thirty-six if you’re g33klady), those little lines on the computer screen are just that.

But out in the real world, they’re real things. Remember that.

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