Log a Defect on Captain Sulu

George Takei shared this photograph on Facebook:

With OR Without You, not With AND Without You

Class, who can tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

4 Responses to “Log a Defect on Captain Sulu”

  1. trevortests Says:

    The picture is using a logical diagram to illustrate an illogical statement. The function, “Where Bono can live” has only two valid options: With you or Without you. Each option is exclusive of the other. It’s not possible to be either both or neither, it’s one or the other. Perhaps this is possible in some alternate dimension or reality of which I’m currently unaware.

    In software this would cause a fatal error, why can’t this do the same to Bono’s singing career?

  2. The Director Says:

    Good thought. I was looking at a flaw in the Venn diagram, however.

  3. Clayton Colwell Says:

    I trust we’re talking about AND vs. OR, here? What’s illustrated is “with AND without you”.

  4. The Director Says:

    That’s the stone doughnut.

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