The Pain in Obsoleted Functionality

Buzzfeed has a list of words you cannot use in Twitter.

Because of the censorship? No, because:

A majority of these commands aren’t things you’d otherwise use in a two-word tweet, and most only work through the SMS service — you can tweet “suggest something” just fine from a computer or app, for example. A couple years ago you could even type “accept [username]” and force anyone to follow you, a command that, like “get,” had been lying mostly dormant for years.

That is, old functionality hanging around awaiting someone to accidentally trigger it.

If your application is robust enough, you’ll run into the same sort of danger. If your application is robust enough, and your organization turns its QA staff and other staff over quickly enough that nobody knows what was going on five years ago, woo boy. You’re asking for it.

(Link via…oh, I forget, but thanks!)

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