You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

So I just read this article:

Three factors of quality

You’re probably doing it wrong.

The three factors?

The three factors of quality, expounded

Cows, the milking equipment, and the farmer. You’ve been wasting your time on chasing other metrics, haven’t you?

Actually, that’s too facile of a quip. Many people would have you know that this teaches you an important lesson: quality is what is the customer/consumer/audience thinks is good. Uncle Herb’s milk might be blue, but that’s good milk, right? The software might cause laptops to catch fire, but that’s only a problem if the user uses a laptop; ours don’t (that we know of), so it’s quality (unless the customer changes its mind).

Friends, there are teleological quality assurists, and there are deontological quality assurists. You can guess where I fall. Certain elements of quality exist outside a project, outside a storyboard, outside a sprint, and yea, verily, outside the customer’s expectations. If you’re doing patchwork, get-the-paycheck-oriented quality, it’s going to catch up with you.

Hey, I was just making fun of a headline there. What happened to this post? It got deep all of a sudden.

(Headline from Ozarks Farm and Neighbor.)

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