Fabusend is an email provider handles not large, mass emails, but small, individual emails. It (apparently) adds in letterhead images and whatnot for senders and allows the recipient to click through if the images are blocked in the client email program.

But if you click through a little late, you get all kinds of FUBAR.

There’s the JavaScript error:

Fabusend JavaScript error

If you’re looking at it in Firefox, you’ll see the tables are misaligned:

Fabusend JavaScript error

Now, you’re saying, Who’s going to see that?

Someone who stores important emails and then tries to click through them. Someone like me. And not “like me” in the QA sense, “like me” in the user sense.

It’s such a little thing!

You know, you’re right, it is going to be seen by only a few people. But it’s also not something that requires refactoring the whole application, ainna? Take a couple minutes, fix the little error page up, would you?

Your goal should be a quality application across the board, not just quality for most of the people, most of the time.

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