Steps to Recreate an Amazon Bug

QA begins its Christmas shopping early because QA expects something to go wrong. And QA is not only rewarded in this instance when something goes wrong, but also with an Amazon bug.

When a user orders an item with a supplementary item and then orders the item without the supplementary item, the user receives an email that says user added supplementary item to the cart but did not purchase.

To recreate:

  1. Search for and find an expensive, out-of-left field gift for someone who might or might not read the defect tracker.
  2. Add the gift to the shopping cart.
  3. Click one of the “People who bought this also bought that” links.
  4. The new item’s page displays. Click to add it to the shopping cart.
  5. Click Check out.
  6. Complete the checkout page.
  7. Thank you page displays. Confirmation email arrives. When the main product arrives, find a manufacturing defect immediately upon opening the box. Return the item for a refund, not an exchange, because this item is only ordered through Amazon and is fulfilled by someone else.
  8. When refund is credited, return to My Account section of Amazon and find recent orders.
  9. Click through the refunded item to view the item page again.
  10. Add item to cart.
  11. Proceed to checkout.
  12. Complete checkout.
  13. Thank you page displays. Confirmation email displays. However, over night, an email is also generated and sent overnight that says We noticed that you added one or more items to your Shopping Cart, but didn't continue to Checkout. When you're ready to buy, simply visit your Shopping Cart to complete your order.
  14. Go to Amazon account/cart. Note it is empty.

Apparently, because I clicked through the recent orders, Amazon still links the two items from the order. Should not generate this email when the same item is ordered by itself in a new order.

Sorry I couldn’t be more specific. On the other hand, you might surmise that I’m getting you more than one thing for Christmas, gentle reader, and I only wish I could be there with you on Christmas morning to share your disappointment.

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