When That SaaS You Use Goes Night-Night

So I’m having a devil of a time finding just one crushable c-crown black fedora with a 4″ crown and 2 or 2 1/4″ brim in large or size 7 1/4. The ones from Zappos are all contemporary, short brim hats that make the wearer look like Jimmy Olsen.

So, I went through my options and tried to implement Desperation Plan B, Acquire Wool Felt To Make Own Hat.

So I thought about Joann Fabrics, which might have felt, or wool that I can felt:

Joann Fabrics of Time and Space

Down at the bottom, it has a link to a store locator, wherein I could find out how early I can go into the store since I’m not sleeping so well without my hat (note: you actually can clutch a crushable felt fedora to your chest while you sleep, and it will snap back into shape when it’s time to slip into the rain).

So I click the store locator link, and:

The third party software has gone night-night, and not in the queen-with-a-sword-way.

The company apparently uses a third party bit of software that has gone night-night, and not in the cool queen with a sword way.

Which brings to mind a pretty good question: What do you do if your third party applications stop working? Do you have a back-up plan for an important Web site feature like the store locator? Do you just hope to wait it out and hope your vendor has not just been shut down by an overzealous government prosecutor in New Zealand? How fast do you act? Do you hide the link immediately while you frantically call your vendor’s customer support line, whose technician has left that particular cell phone in the club last night?

These are important questions to ask when choosing a third party piece of software, especially one sold as a service. It’s a bad thing to have to decide very suddenly.

And thank you for your concern about my ongoing hat situation. I’m back to Desperation Plan A: Hanging Out In Blues Bars and Hoping To Win A Cool Hat in a Poker Game or Steal One.

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