Failure Is Inevitable; We Just Try To Make It Really, Really Hard

Wired has an interesting story from the world of manufacturing: Why Products Fail.

It deals with the fact that entropy will lead to the eventual demise of even the most finely crafted and engineered items. The laws of mother nature, the variability in the repeated processing of materials, and other things work against absolute perfection.

Of course, in the IT world, failure emerges a lot more quickly given the nature of the “engineering” (that is, the cobbling together of Internet examples to barely solve poorly understood problems) coupled with “natural laws” — the physical and technological environment from Web browser versions to commonplace architectures–that change every six months or so leads to far less success, and little fection, much less perfection.

To maintain our sanity, though, we really do have to recognize that things will break down. We just have to keep agitating and pushing to make sure that that eventual failure is more isolated and harder to get to than a couple keystrokes combined with a mouse click.

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