I Hope There’s a Deep Discount on Tickets for Yesterday

So I was thinking about going to see the film Wreck-It Ralph to see if I could spot any other testers in the audience betraying the cause and rooting for a defect found in production. I thought about ordering tickets online because of the post-Thanksgiving crowds here in the United States, so I visited the theater’s Web site.

And decided not to.

You see, the first screen allows me to choose a date I want to go to the cinema, and the first choice in the drop-down list is yesterday:

Best in date of show

As you can imagine, when confronted immediately by a defect, I did not dare enter my credit card information.

If you’re from St. Louis, Missouri, you might hear whispers in your head saying WTFenberg. WTFenberg. WTFenberg. If you’re not, you probably need some explanation.

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