If The Rappers Do It, Why Don’t You?

I’m a big proponent of capturing and documenting your interface style guide that captures the common rules and spellings to use in your organization’s interfaces and communications to make it seamless for the user and to make it look like you know what you’re doing outside of C#, Ruby, and Java.

For example, canceled and cancelled are both in the dictionary. But they should not both be in your dialog boxes.

Come on, even the music business has a style guide these days:

Roll over William Strunk, and tell E.B. White the news. The music business now has its own grammar guide that might have had the “Elements of Style” authors singing the blues.

The song titles “In da House,” “Kill ‘Em ‘n Grill ‘Em” and “It’s fo’ Realz,” for instance, all get thumbs up in the music industry’s newly issued Style Guide as examples of proper capitalization.

“Intentionally misspelled words must respect the same title casing rules” as those spelled normally, says the guide.

Released last month at the National Association of Recording Merchandisers’ annual convention, rock ‘n’ roll’s new rule book aims to establish basic rules for data entry in the fragmenting world of music, where some folks have become a little too creative for their own good—at least when it comes to spelling, grammar and description.

Come on, be like Too Short. Your deadlines already are. Hey-yo!

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