Inconsistency Ain’t Just A River In Egypt

So I went to the Hostess Cakes site today while researching a tweet (what, you don’t research your tweets?). I wanted to see if the Twinkie brand name had a registered trademark or trademark symbol.

The site was not helpful:

The site has both, but this is incorrect. Also, note how other products that bear a service mark have it in the headline but not in the copy. It’s okay to not have it in the copy, since it is in the heading, and it’s common to only use the service mark the first time it appears on a page, but this page has them for some and not for others.

It’s definitely the sort of inconsistency I notice on a Web site, and then I wonder what else is lurking beneath the unreviewed copy.

2 Responses to “Inconsistency Ain’t Just A River In Egypt”

  1. IBreakCellPhones Says:

    I think it’s a matter of generic names versus trademarked names.

    With the mark: Twinkies®, Donettes®, Ho Hos®, Ding Dongs®, Sno Balls®, and Zingers®.

    Without the mark: Cupcakes, Mini Muffins, Fruit Pie, Coffee Cakes, Cinnamon Rolls, and Honey Buns

    The latter have an accepted, obvious definition using self-descriptive words. But if you had knowledge of English but not Hostess, and I asked for a Twinkie, what would you think it meant? Substitute for a Mini Muffin.

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