Because Sometimes The User Is Effen With You

Geeky license plate earns hacker $12,000 in parking tickets:

Droogie decided his new vanity plate should read “NULL.” While he did this mainly for the giggles, he told the audience that there was an ulterior motive, as reported by Mashable:

     “I was like, ‘I’m the shit,'” he joked to the crowd. “‘I’m gonna be invisible.’ Instead, I got all the tickets.”

Droogie’s hope was that the new plate would exploit California’s DMV ticketing system in a similar manner to the classic xkcd “Bobby Tables” cartoon. With any luck, the DMV’s ticket database would see “NULL” and consign any of his tickets to the void. Unfortunately, the exact opposite happened.

First, Droogie got a parking ticket, incurred for an actual parking infraction—so much for being invisible. Then, once a particular database of outstanding tickets had associated the license plate NULL with his address, it sent him every other ticket that lacked a real plate.

Agile too much tries to guess what the user will do and code to that.

You have to test what the user can do and log defects against that. And, quite likely, argue daily with the scrum master and others that these are really defects even if the acceptance criteria do not specifically include basic user bad behavior or negligence.

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