Sez Who?

Sez me.

I’m a veteran of the quality assurance industry and have experience vexing developers in myriad industries as both a technical writer who logged more defects than most of the full time QA team, a QA analyst who logged more defects (1000+ in nine months) than the rest of the team together, as a Director of Quality for an interactive agency who demanded all things be done right, no matter what tinny little arguments the designers or developers offered, or as a mercenary whose destructive talents go to the highest bidder.

Ask yourself, “Why do they hate us?”

Because developers and designers get all the glory, and QA comes along like a broom behind them to make sure that the feckless work they slop out between YouTube videos and brainstorming sessions at the local sushi joint comes together to please the client and make sure that the end users can actually use it. We get lower pay, longer hours, less glory, and the joy of watching our testing time cut every time that the cool kids decide to restart everything from scratch with a week left in the project. Then, when the customer complaints roll in, who gets called onto the carpet for missing things? Not the people who did it wrong in the first place; no, it’s the people who didn’t catch everything in the twenty minutes before the thing went live.

Even when QA identifies a problem, management, development, and designerment offer a variety of reasons why things should remain broken to maximize profit or to make sure that they have enough time to properly render the next project into an emergency. Clients trip over these problems, or users trip over these problems, and either they learn to mistrust the software or they complain–and QA takes the rap, again.

A lot of QA employees burn out quickly when dealing with that sort of rap. We at prefer gallows humor and mockery. Although no one will learn a lesson from a good shaming, at least we can enjoy ourselves as much as possible.

You got a problem with that?

You can always reach the helpful staff of QAHY by sending an e-mail to thedirector at qahatesyou-dot-com.

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